Euromozaik Video Communication Foundation

The Foundation was established in 1993 by three individuals to promote innovation in the television industry and filmmaking. Euromozaik was formed at the time of the first experimental satellite broadcast of MOVI and it (financially) supported creative young filmmakers with challenging attitude.

Principally, films by teachers and students of ELTE Video Communication Department have been provided with materials, cameras, handed in applications. We created an effective working relationship with the Video Studio of ELTE Faculty of Science. Several films such as the portray film about Attila Csáji have been made since then. János Domokos, Katalin Egeres, László Katona, Zoltán Füredi, Péter Szalay, Ernő Nagy, Sándor Kurucz, András Péterffy enjoyed our support in their working processes: numerous exam-films and student films were made. The Foundation assisted in organizing varied venues for summer field practice shootings. The ethnographic film KEMSE was also created within this field practice programme.

The Studio won the application grant offered by the Ministry for Social and Family Affairs in 2002. The series HAND and HEART (KÉZ és SZÍV) was produced from this grant. Additionally, INTER M was created by the support of the Hungarian Historical Film Foundation (MTFA).

Euromozaik Video Communication Foundation actively participates in internet-based communication programmes, the Thesaurus-based research began by the grant application fee aimed at digital culture development.

The Foundation involves practising teachers dedicated to promote the educational methods relating to independent and alternative communication for the next generation. The Studio has cooperated with several fascinating guest lecturers and the cooperation has proved to be fruitful. A significant associate, with whom a joint workshop was organized, is Dutch film director Gie Meeuvvis. Furthermore, Swiss film director Jürg Da Vaz is a permanent associate who made his films in cooperation with Euromozaik Staff. We are delighted about the remarkable awards that our creators Zoltán Füredi, Ernő Nagy, Péter Szalay, Zsolt Juhász, Péter Assay won at significant film festivals.