25 years after the democratic transformation

Parevo_2.0_FB_alkatreszek-03_A_profilIn the frames of the Project PAREVO 2.0 the East-Central European democratic transition and the economic system change shall be presented with retrospective of the events of the 25 years that have passed since then through visual and historical assets. The main target of the project is to promote the development of the social thinking that deposes the interpretation of the historic events from the current political sphere in the nations of the Visegrad Group, as well as, to foster the democratic European social and historic awareness. Meanwhile, the project is to set a mirror in front of the system change: a series of dramatic documentaries are to present the inconveniences of the economic transformation. All the Eastern-European countries offer stories about how the manufactories, cooperative unions that had formerly shaped the society and created the community feeling were to lay-off. Even if the factories had not proved to be effective in production, they were indispensible for social life and recognition.

Thus, the Project PAREVO 2.0 intends to display both sides of the system change: despite focusing solely on the democracy and the possibility to create that, it experiments to show the defeated social groups’ everyday life.

The program of the Project PAREVO 2.0 is to organize thematically.

First of all, the most significant events of the system change are to present. Each of the four Visegrad nation’s film provides an insight behind the stage of politics enlightening undiscovered details about the processes of the system change in this region. The documentaries in this section contain true contemporary records that have almost been forgotten.

Secondly, we put a great emphasis on films that evoke the history of the 1989’s generation. The chronicle of the past 25 years is to report via life stories of these film heroes and examined from different perspectives. The question arises if the aims and ideals of the system change have been fulfilled.

Furthermore, project editors were searching for films that analyze the issue of politics and morals. Years after the system change, is that possible to deal with politics on moral grounds, due to one’s own ethic principles? Also, films that examine mass media manipulation belong to this group.

Last but not least, the audience are to present documentaries that demonstrate the life stories of the victims of the system change, those whom the politics left alone, the ones who had no hope for changing their lives any better. However, the answer has yet been under the microscope: is it yet possible to find a way out from this severe situation? How strong is human willpower? How far does it lead you if you fight alone?

We wish to organize the documentary film festival series PAREVO 2.0 in Budapest, Gdańsk, Prague and in Bratislava during 2014-2015.

Key partners of the Project PAREVO 2.0: Film&Sociology (Prague), Filmtopia (Bratislava) and European Solidarity Center (Gdansk).

The Project PAREVO 2.0 is being supported by the International Visegrad Fund and the Strategic Grant.